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Affordable Retirement in Panama
~ Panama has an outstanding benefit program for retirees making it one of the best places to retire. The Pensionado program is available to anyone with a monthly pension of at least $1000 ($750 with $100,000 of real estate).  See the many financial benefits of moving to Panama

~ The government of Panama is a stable democracy. They have no military and their territorial integrity is guaranteed by the United States.

~ The currency is the U.S. dollar.  Panama City has one of the largest concentrations of banks in the world, and is a major center for international finance. 

~ You drive on the right side of the road, the steering wheel is on the left - and your U.S. appliances plug right in (no adapter necessary)! 

~ Medical care is world-class with many U.S. trained doctors and modern equipment - without the high prices!  The world famous Johns-Hopkins Hospital has recently opened a Panamanian affiliate.

~ The cost of living is much lower than in Europe or the U.S.

~ Temperate climate and beautiful surroundings.  Beaches, mountains, exotic birds and lush vegetation, Panama has it all.

~ The Panamanian people are charming and friendly.

~ The world's best coffee!
Retire to Beautiful Boquete, Panama
Boquete Lots offers Panama real estate properties in the Boquete - David area that have some of the very best views around. The area has mild year-round temperatures and the charm of a relaxed tropical atmosphere.  Add to that the warmth and friendliness of both the local Panamanian people and the newly arrived, and it is no wonder more and more people are choosing international living and purchasing real estate in Panama.
Panama Land | Boquete, Panama Real Estate
Panama is the southernmost Central American nation.  Boquete lies in the northern highlands of the country.
Map of Panama
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Downtown Boquete in Panama
Downtown Boquete, Panama
The new Plaza Los Establos in Boquete
The new Plaza Los Establos in Boquete
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Where to retire? Panama was the winner for six years in a row of International Living magazine’s Annual Global Retirement Index.  Modern Maturity, Conde Nast Traveler, AARP Magazine and all praised Panana as the best place to retire. International Living magazine has just named Panama "The Best Place in the World to Retire in 2016"

Once again, for the second year in a row, Panama was ranked #1 in the world in the Global Well-Being Index.  This survey considers factors like Social, Financial, Purpose, Community and Phsical categories.  By comparison, the USA ranked #23.  Maybe it's time to get away?

So what does it all mean?  Take the “positives” from the International Living report (stable democracy, excellent healthcare, low cost of living, safety, etc), along with the “happiness factor” of the Well-Being survey, and it is easy to understand why so many people are buying real estate in Panama for their retirement destination.
Comprehensive information on traveling to Panama and the Boquete - David area. How to get there, where to stay, sites and entertainment.
Boquete, Panama is an ideal retirement area in the Americas - Safe, beautiful climate, low cost of living and outstanding retirement benefits.
Rancho del Cielo Close to Boquete, Panama.

Property contains 6 over-sized lots on 15 acres of prime real estate. It has it all - Breathtaking mountain views, the Rio Papayal runs through it, lots of mature trees and open meadows
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Panama real estate - near Boquete and David
These wonderful lots are perfect for retirees looking for the best place to retire, a corporate retreat, or for anyone seeking a quieter way of life.  Priced right to make the move to paradise even more appealing.  More info
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Boquete Panama offers affordable retirement

Boquete has a great community of ex-pats who are more than willing to share their knowledge and experiences with you about moving to Panama.
Gorgeous Rancho de Cielo
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