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Why Boquete , Panama?
Boquete (bow-keh-tay) is located in the northern highlands of Panama, not far from the border with Costa Rica (and at the opposite end of the country from Panama City and the Panama Canal).  At an elevation of 3200' the climate is much cooler, and less humid, than the coastal areas of the country. Boquete offers unparalled views of the lush surrounding countryside and the now extinct Volcan (Volcano) Baru. The town of Boquete itself is an eclectic mix, somewhere between "charming" and "funky".  As more people bring their dreams and new-found energy for life here, an excitement is mixing with the relaxed feel.  There are plenty of adventures and opportunities here, but it's really a great place to escape the "roar" of your current life.  Many expats have found abundant friendships, and social opportunities, in the local shops and restaurants with like-minded souls. 
The Weather in Boquete
The temperatures in Boquete are near-perfect year round, with the average range from the high 60's to the high 70's.  The lush greenery is possible from ample rains, but showers often arrive in the late afternoon and clear out rather quickly.  The heaviest rains come in the months September through November.  All of this water, combined with rich, volcanic soils combine for a gardner's delight. Coffee, flowers and vegetables grow everywhere!  Prospective land buyers should also know that strong winds can come along with the dry season, which help make our skies some of the cleanest and freshest in the world.  Boquete is home to the extinct Volcan (volcano) Baru, the highest point in Panama, at nearly 13,700 feet.
The Panamanian People
In many ways, Boquete's greatest natural resource is the Panamanian people themselves. They are warm and friendly. Drive by the local schools... Instead of sullen and spoiled MTV teens sulking inside their hooded sweatshirts, you'll see neatly dressed, cheerful and happy children.  Give them a wave and...shock!  they smile and wave back!!  No one can leave the country without being touched by the true kindness of the Locals.  Bring a good attitude, a few words of Spanish, and watch the results. You'll fall in love with this beautiful place and her people.
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Is Boquete, Panama the new "Last Best Place"?  Nestled on the eastern slopes of Volcan Baru (Volcano Baru), Boquete is a tropical paradise and home to renowned coffee plantations, exotic birds, incredible floral displays and clean, fresh mountain air.
The week long Boquete Flower and Coffee Festival (Boquete's other name is The Flower Capital of Panama) in January features exotic flowers and a coffee cupping (think wine tasting event).
Things To Do

- Hike The Los Quetzales trail - a six hour hike on a trail known for sightings of the elusive quetzal. The trail connects Boquete and Cerro Punta.

- Tour the coffee estates
  Cafe Ruiz coffee tour
  Kotowa Coffee Estate Tour
  Finca Lerida coffee plantation and bird         watching tour

- Golf at Valle Escondido

- Visit the splendid gardens at Villa Marta

- White water rafting on the Chiriqui River

- Take a dip in the hot springs of Caldera
Boquete Flower Festival
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Boquete - A bird watcher's paradise
Boquete is a bird watcher's paradise - Keel-billed toucan
Flower festival time in Boquete, Panama
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